Infinite Colurful Path

Exploring Spiritual and Science Paths is a very lengthy process and sometimes becomes infinite

  • Spirituality is experience
  • Spirituality is driven by thought & faith
  • Science is experiment
  • Science is driven by evidence & empiricism
  • Convergence of the paths is inevitable
  • Physical form of Spirituality is science
  • Integration of science with spirituality will become science of consciousness
  • Eventually science and spirituality will help us understand ourselves better

Objective : Sharing  a perspective of  Spiritual  Information :

This is compiled from information created ,discovered, taught, experienced,

shared , read, researched and understood  so far  in this universe.

Reiteration of the principles:

Information shared is  a  perspective or a dimension of what people are looking at the universe in their eyes.

There could be possible mistakes in  the information  compiled & shared

Intention is not to hurt any ones faith or belief

Anbe Sivam: Love is Shiva

Inspiration behind this online devotional tour creation and publishing

Lord Shiva’s Grace . The spark for this was the eternal universal master

Inertia: Would Like to mention few Names : Narayan, Barani , Swami

My Friends & Relatives have been of great support  in me getting the right experience in my life . Their encouragement and support  has been excellent.

Meet the Team

Significant support during the initial registration & creation of the site  came from Swami & Barani


Bhakthi #1





Hope everyone finds the information shared useful and beneficial

Thank You


Anbe Sivam: Love is Shiva, Si-Va-Ya-Na-Ma: